Nomad Ali Ahmadi


  • Name: Ali Ahmadi
  • Height: 167 cm
  • Weight: 76 kg
  • Country: Australia
  • Years: 2008

A true fighter. A fearless and mysterious wanderer.

Nomad has travelled far and wide looking for the perfect adversary - a man brave enough to challenge him.

He has spent an eternity roaming the barren wastelands of the planet, never staying still for long.

"Whether facing a physical threat or a spiritual one, I know that the whole battle is really fought within my mind," he says.

Naturally acrobatic, he excels in the aerial games Hang Tough, Pendulum and The Wall.

"When I'm up in the air, I feel free and at home," he says.

Dynamic, explosive, fearless and mysterious, Nomad is a true warrior who knows the depth of his skill.

"I am as graceful as a crane; as patient as a praying mantis; as fast as a cheetah and as determined as a tiger," he says. "I have the strength, wisdom and courage of a thousand lions. It comes not from conquering others but from mastering my own mind."

He is incredibly philosophical and lives by the motto, "The past is dead, the future unborn, so I live in the moment."

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