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GLADIATORS, READY! Nearly 30 years on from the first episode, Gladiators favourite Jet (aka Diane Youdale), journalist David Blackmore and producer Paul Noddings are turning back the clock to celebrate the glory days of the best Saturday night family show on British TV in the 1990s, in association with GladiatorsTV.com. Joined by special guests, they will be learning about the characters and stories who made Gladiators what it was, and their lives before, during and after the show.

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S01-EP12: The One With Panther

It might surprise you to learn that Helen O’Reilly - aka Panther - hated sports at school! But once she found the sport she loved in bodybuilding there was no stopping her - and after claiming a Miss Universe title, Helen was snapped up to become an original Gladiator. She joins David and Di this week to share her journey about her time before, during and after Gladiators.

S01-EP11: The One With The Commentator

Dave and guest co-host Vogue - aka Suzie Cox - speak with the voice of Gladiators - John Sachs. John provided the voice-over commentary for every series of the Gladiators on ITV and was hugely popular with fans of the show, but would he like to see the show return?

S01-EP10: The One With The Gladiator That Never Was

It wouldn’t be a shock if you don’t recall our guest, Metin Hussein was set to join Gladiators as Shark but a stomach ulcer saw his career end before it even started (despite featuring in promotional videos!)

S01-EP09: The One With The First Champion

Jet and Dave are talking to the first ever male contender champion - Weininger Irwin. Find out about how using a treadmill for the first time during the trials nearly ruined his TV chances...

S01-EP08: The One With Phoenix

Jet and Dave speak to Phoenix (Sandy Young) about her short time on Gladiators, why she is now breaking her silence on her departure and her life after the show. Find out how a desire to ‘tone-up’ after having her son, led her to achieve the Miss UK title and then become one of the orignal Gladiators.

S01-EP07: The One With Cobra

Jet and David are joined by Cobra (aka Mick Wilson) to hear his journey of becoming a Gladiator and his time on the hit show and why he now feels like he’s only ‘half a Gladiator’. Known for his high-kicks and splits when entering the Gladiators’ arena, Cobra was also the joker in the pack.

S01-EP06: The One With Rebel

As a professional athlete, joining Gladiators had not initially been on Rebel’s long-term career plan. But in our sixth episode, Jennifer Stoute tells Jet and Dave how she was won over by none other than Amazon (aka Sharron Davis) and the decision was the best she made.

S01-EP05: The One With The Superfan

Addicted to the show since the age of 10, Superfan Paul Noddings joins our fifth episode to tell Jet and Dave what kept him hooked on all things Gladiator and how his passion has shaped his life ever since he started a childhood obsession that has never really left him.

S01-EP04: The One With Vogue

Vogue joined Gladiators in series four, and in our fourth episode Suzie Cox tells Di and Dave how her journey to small-screen stardom began, what she loved the most about her life as a Gladiator and what's happened since.

S01-EP03: The One With Hunter

James Crossely - better known as Hunter - joins Di and Dave this week to chat candidly about joining Gladiators, his time on the show and what followed the Saturday night adulation he received from fans.

S01-EP02: The One With Jet

Of all the 34 lycra-clad Gladiators to grace our screens on Saturday nights in the 1990s, one who is still remembered most fondly, is Jet – aka Diane Youdale. David begins his Gladiatorial journey of discovery by grilling his co-host on becoming a Gladiator and sex symbol, her time on the hit show and what she's done since.

S01-EP01: The One Where We Start

Nearly 30 years on from the first episode of Gladiators, Jet (aka Diane Youdale) and journalist David Blackmore start their journey of discovery to relive the glory days of the biggest Saturday night family show in the 90s.