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About Gladiators

Gladiators, a sports entertainment television show, has been one of the most defining game shows of the 90's in the UK, as well as across the globe. Athletic members of the public battle as Contenders against the shows very own mighty Gladiators to earn points in an array of events that tests their speed, strength, stamina and skill. The Contender with most points earns a 0.5 second head-start for each point difference in a race over the dreaded Eliminator course. The first to finish wins the episode and moves onto the next round with the hope of being crowned series champion!

Gladiators originally aired on ITV for 8 action-packed series between 1992-2000, with over 14 million viewers at its peak. In 2008, Gladiators was revived on Sky One for 2 series, including 3 special episodes that pitted the new Gladiators against the original Gladiator Legends.

Outside of the United Kingdom, versions of Gladiators have been filmed in the United States of America, Finland, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Sweden, Nigeria, and Denmark. However, Russia, Germany, and the Bahamas would also compete in international shows.

Join us as we celebrate 30 years of this hit TV show!

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