Meet the referees

Contenders Ready! Gladiators Ready!

Taking on one of the most iconic catchphrases of the 90s, is ex Premier League Football referee, Mark Clattenburg. Picking up their whistles and joining him to keep the mighty Gladiators in check, are, Sonia Mkoloma and Lee Phillips.

Lee Phillips, Sonia Mkoloma and Mark Clattenburg are the referees for the new series of Gladiators

Mark Clattenburg

Mark Clattenburg is one of England’s most decorated referees. He became a Premier League referee in 2004 before becoming a FIFA-listed referee in 2006 – meaning he could take charge of international fixtures.

He oversaw several big games - including the 2012 Men's Olympics final, the 2012 Carabao Cup final, the 2014 European Super Cup as well as the 2016 FA Cup, Champions League and European Championships Finals.

Mark is considered one of the most highly-rated European referees of his generation.

Mark Clattenburg says: "It's amazing. When you look back to when it first started in the 90s, Gladiators was so iconic and wherever you go in the world, people have heard of Gladiators. Growing up, I used to sit and watch every show. John Anderson the original referee was so legendary. For me, it's such an honour and such a privilege to now in 2023 to now be part of Gladiators. To be named referee after John Anderson is such an honour. Even though I've refereed some of the biggest games in the World – this is one the most amazing things I will do in my life."

Sonia Mkoloma

Sonia Mkoloma is a former English international netball player and made her debut in 1999. During her career Sonia competed at five Netball World Cups and three Commonwealth Games – making an incredible 123 international test appearances. Sonia now works as the England Netball Assistant Head coach and will be heading to South Africa for the World Cup later in the year.

Sonia Mkoloma says: "I'm super pumped to be keeping an up close and personal eye over all the action. I'm not afraid to call out any rule breakers!"

Lee Phillips

Lee is a fitness professional, firefighter and athlete. Following University, he moved to London where he joined the fire service and became a full time firefighter. After joining the fire service Lee began competing in firefighter fitness competitions and in August 2017 competed in the World Police and Firefighter Games in Los Angeles amongst 10,000 athletes. He won gold in the Ultimate Firefighter and CrossFit competitions making him double World Champion.

Lee Phillips says: "It's exciting to be part of such an iconic TV show, I look forward to bringing all my knowledge and experience to the arena floor to keep the gladiators and contenders in line as part of the referee team".

The Gladiators