• Time Limit: 30 seconds
  • Gladiators: 5
  • Contenders: 1
  • Weapons: Ram-Rods & Power-Pads
  • Theme Tune: None


A Contender attempts to run the 45ft long Gauntlet which is divided into five sections with a Gladiator protecting each zone.

The Gladiators use ram-rods and power-pads in order to stop the Contender from running the Gauntlet.

The male Gladiators Gauntlet team is called 'The Mean Machines' and the female Gladiators team 'The Dream Team'.


No Zones: 0 Points
Each Zone: 1 Points
Completed: 10 Points


The Gladiators cannot pin down the Contender, or impede their process except with ram-rods or power-pads.

If a Contender is deliberately pushed out of the Gauntlet they may re-enter the event again.

The Contender must have all of his or her body out of the zone before the Event can be judged as finished.

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