• Time Limit: 60 seconds
  • Gladiators: 2
  • Contenders: 2
  • Weapons: None
  • Theme Tune: Female Gladiators: Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves (Eurythmics)
    Male Gladiators: Let's Get Ready to Rhumble (PJ & Duncan)


In this event, Contenders have to score as many points as possible by depositing as many balls as they can into the five equally spaced scoring pods within the time limit. Each Contender is assigned a Gladiator who's aim is to stop them scoring by tackling them to the floor or putting them out of bounds in order to put the ball out of play.


Dead Ball: 0 Points
Outer Pod: 2 Points
Centre Pod: 3 Points


The Gladiators and Contenders may not be over aggressive to each other by kicking or punching.

Gladiators may not double team, they must only tackle their assigned Contender.

Contenders must alternate between the baskets from which they take their balls.

Gladiators may not deliberately knock or push the scoring pods to prevent a goal.

A ball is dead if it touches the floor, a Contender is tackled to the ground or put out of bounds.

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