Comet, Ella-Mae Rayner


  • Name: Ella-Mae Rayner

  • "I'm absolutely thrilled to be Comet. I loved watching Gladiators growing up. I specifically remember Jet, she was an icon for me as a child and one of the reasons I become a gymnast. I can't believe I will be following in her footsteps. It really is a dream come true"

Like a Comet, Ella-Mae Rayner is a sight to behold! A former elite gymnast, she made the move into semi-professional in Diving before starting her degree in Sport Science. At university she successfully coached and competed in University Cheerleading Championships. But it wasn’t until she suffered a career changing ankle injury, that she found her love for the gym. She now trains 6 times a week, alongside being a Fitness Model & Coach. Comet is a force of nature, flashing past you. Collide with her and you’ll be dust!

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