Cyclone Blessings Chilufya


  • Name: Blessings Chilufya
  • Country: Australia
  • Height: 191 cm
  • Weight: 104 kg
  • Years: 2023 - Present

Just like his namesake, Cyclone is fast and agile – and he will keep you guessing. Unpredictable and surprising - he will arrive to the Arena, cause destruction, and leave you to clean up! With Cyclone, you never know when the storm is over or how hard it will hit. Neither shy nor scared, the Contenders won't know what is coming. The Cyclone delivers more than you expect.

Zambian born; Blessings Chilufya lives on the Gold Coast having moved to Australia in 2009. Former basketball player and pro runner, he's now a Personal Trainer. Towering at 6'3", Blessings is also a model, and appeared in the film, Elvis, and The Rock series.

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