Black Ops Bertrand Venail

Black Ops

  • Name: Bertrand Venail
  • Country: Australia
  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Years: 2023 - Present

Black Ops is not a Gladiator. He is a special operative dressed in black from head to toe and is called on when his special set of skills are required. Entering the Arena without fanfare, Black Ops will sabotage his opponent. With his perfect poker face, you won't be able to predict his strategy let alone his next move. Good luck getting a word out of Black Ops - he is quite literally a silent assassin. No words will pass his lips.

Former French pro soccer player, born in Paris and now an Australian citizen - Bertrand Venail is a CrossFit Elite athlete, Hyrox Champion and is placed top three in the national F45 'Playoff Championship'.

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