Chaos Jaymi-Lee Morris


  • Name: Jaymi-Lee Morris
  • Country: Australia
  • Height: 164 cm
  • Weight: 86 kg
  • Years: 2023 - Present

Chaos is the crazy circus sideshow. She's stacked, strong and loud. Determined and feisty, Chaos is ready... for anything. Chaos is a rogue who'll entertain you while being laser-focused for the win. Contenders beware – for Chaos likes to toy with her opponent, taunting as she crushes them with her might.

Crowned NSW's strongest woman, Jaymii Morris is the fourth strongest female powerlifter in the world and largest deadlift record holder under 90kg. Powerlifting for eight years, Jaymii can pull a 11-tonne truck, deadlift 275kg and squat 250kg. She considers herself to have been born a lion, with fierce competition in her blood and succeed in powerlifting.

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