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Gladiators reunite for ITV's Saturday Night Story

Saturday night is the biggest television night of the week. It's the place where stars are made and dreams can come true. It's the home of shows, which inspire headlines, drama and dreams.

In a two-part ITV series The Saturday Night Story, TV presenter Stephen Mulhern takes a look back at some of the most jaw dropping, best-loved television moments, as the series charts the key moments in Saturday night TV and tells the story behind some of our best-loved shows and biggest names in entertainment past and present.

So get ready to turn your TV's back to the 90's and you'll be hit with flashes of lycra, neon and a Saturday night sensation that just wasn't touched by any other TV show...GLADIATORS!

The Gladiators including bad-boy Wolf and glamour-puss Jet are reunited by Ulrika Jonsson and legendary referre John Anderson in Birmingham at the venue (formerly known as the National Indoor Arena) where in the 90's they gripped millions around the UK.

Watch the Gladiators reunite at their original home in Birmingham by Ulrika Jonsson and John Anderson - tonight at 8pm on ITV.

Posted by Gladiators on Saturday, 15 August 2015

"For me this is really, really nostalgic because the Gladiators was a huge part of my life," Ulrika Jonsson said in a recent chat about the show. "I haven't been back here [to the arena] since, I guess it must have been 1999, so it feels very strange."

You can catch the Gladiators and The Saturday Night Story on August 15th at 8pm on ITV.

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