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Wolf announces he wants Gladiators to return on ITV's Lorraine

Iconic 90's bad guy Wolf (Michael Van Wijk) spoke exclusively to Christine Lampard on ITV's Lorraine this morning (Tuesday, 6th August 2019) and admitted that he would love Gladiators to return to our TV screens.

At 66-years-old, Wolf stated that he is fitter than ever and spoke about his ambition to get back into the Gladiators arena.

To be perfectly honest with you, hand on heart, I could do every single game blind-folded. I'm so fit now, I'm raring to go!

Wolf (Michael Van Wijk)
Wolf receiving one of many warnings from Gladiators referee John Anderson.
Wolf receiving one of many warnings from Gladiators referee John Anderson. (Picture: Rex)

During the breakfast show, he was reunited with referee John Anderson, who he had an ongoing feud with during the eight years of Gladiators. Sending in a voice message, the 87-year-old wished him well. "Good to see you're still alive and kicking. You were the bane of my life at one point but you were one of my best of friends."

Presenter Christine Lampard and Wolf also began the campaign to #BringBackGladiators to our TV screens, with Wolf returning as a Gladiator.

I would love to do it, I wish the producers would bring it back. You would get all the baby-boomers from the past watching it and you would get a new generation coming up as well.

Wolf (Michael Van Wijk)

The original Gladiators series aired for eight years on ITV between 1992 - 2000. It then returned for two more years on Sky One during 2008 - 2009. Ten years on from the revival, and a whopping nineteen years since the end of the orignal, would you like to see Gladiators return for a third time? Let us know via our @GladiatorsTV social channels: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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