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Delta (Zimzon Lelo) is one of six brand new Gladiators for the 9th season of the Swedish Gladiators (Gladiatorerna) in 2015. Gladiators TV chatted with the International fitness model about how he got his part on the show, who he'd like to Duel against and what he thinks of the idea of a UK vs Sweden International Gladiators series. Here's what he had to say:

Delta, how did you get your part on Swedish Gladiators?

DELTA: I applied the previous year as a contestant but they recieved my appplication too late and as I was on a different show under the same production company (The Farm) I couldn't appear on the show. I was contacted a year later and was called down for a audition as a Gladiator. I must have done something right as they picked me!

What is your sporting background?

DELTA: My sporting background is very broad but when I grew up it was all about football. I started to implement other sports such as boxing, thai-boxing and athletics to improve my football.

How did you get your Gladiator name Delta?

DELTA: I was given my name Delta (by the Swedish production team). I'm happy with the name and my character. He's a combination of rambo and a special force guy. It's awesome playing him.

Atlas (Roger Zapfe)
Former Swedish Gladiator Atlas (Roger Zapfe)

Were you been a fan of the Swedish Gladiators show? If you could bring back any former Gladiators into the team who would it be?

DELTA: I've been a massive fan of the Swedish Gladiators ever since I was a kid. I'm actually part of the team with the Gladiators I used to watch such as Hero (Roddy Benjaminsson) and Phoenix (Aristides Denis-Sanchez), who were both on the original Swedish Gladiators series. As for bringing back former Gladiators, it would be cool to be in Atlas' (Roger Zapfe) presence.

Rekylen (Snapback)
Snapback (Rekylen)

What are your favourite and least favourite Events on Gladiators?

DELTA: My favourite event is Rekylen (Snapback) and I actually like the rings (Hang Tough) as well. I'm not a fan of the bridge (Suspension Bridge).

If you could face anyone (dead or alive) on Duel who would it be and why?

DELTA: I would like to face Muhammad Ali in a Duel. It would be a cool thing to see his foot work in attack for example.

You're one of six brand new Gladiators for the brand new series of Swedish Gladiators (Gladiatorerna), could you describe each of them with one word?

DELTA: Bjørk = "acrobat", Arrow = "strong", Ymer = "hairy", El Gringo = "massive", Storm = "energetic".

Zimzon Lelo and David McIntosh. Copyright Alahn Brezan and The Horizon Magazine
Delta and UK Gladiator Tornado (David McIntosh)

You're friends with UK Gladiator Tornado (David McIntosh) - who do you think would be the Ultimate Gladiator if you were both to go head to head?

DELTA: When you have two super athletes going head to head you will have a cracking showdown, but I think it would end up pretty even. Both me and David are very competitive so I can't see myself losing, neither can he, I think the audience are the winners!

It would be amazing to have a UK vs Sweden showdown!

Delta (Zimzon Lelo)

You're based in London although you're originally from Sweden, would you like to see a UK vs Sweden International Gladiators event?

DELTA: It would be amazing to have a UK vs Sweden showdown! That would really take off. I believe that's something for the production team think about...

Swedish Gladiators Cast 2015
Season 9 (2015) Swedish Gladiators Cast

Who are your best friends from the Swedish Gladiators team?

DELTA: All of the Gladiators are very nice people. Phoenix and I became very close. I share the same passion for UFC as Toro so it was cool connecting on that level. Hero helped me alot and is probably one of the most humble men I've ever met. Kitsune is the first one that started to follow me on social media so that was very cool and it made me feel very relaxed. Valkyria has been very supportive as well as Herkules. Amazon has been very kind and supportive towards me as well showing me some tricks. Athena made me feel at ease with her humour and charm. El Gringo is the big teddy bear of the team. Spider has been super kind to me as well.

What is the best thing about being a Gladiator? Do you have any memorable moments?

DELTA: The best thing about being a Gladiator is the feeling of being a real life action figure! My most memorable moment was when I met all of my fellow Gladiators for the first time, it was very nerve-racking!

Finally, do you have a message for all of your new fans?

DELTA: To everyone out there I've got a message to you. The force within you is stronger then you think. Listen to it. Delta

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