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American Gladiators to return?

Reports on TVGuide.com have claimed that the American Gladiators could be set to return to US TV with a "darker, more intense" makeover and will be influenced by the popularity of MMA and The Hunger Games.

Executive producer Arthur Smith, who has worked on Hell's Kitchen USA and NBC's summer smash hit American Ninja Warrior, is responsible for giving the show a modern makeover. He's been developing his version of Gladiators for the past seven months through his A. Smith & Co. company with MGM, and will soon present it to broadcast and cable networks. "I feel Gladiators is a big, broad family show, I've always been a big fan of the show."

"Times have changed, this one is tonally different. It's more post-apocalyptic. But it's the same spirit. It's a little darker, more intense, more serious," says Arthur Smith, "It's a little less red, white and blue. And there's no spandex. Spandex has left the building."

It's a little less red, white and blue. And there's no spandex. Spandex has left the building.

Arthur Smith

American Gladiators first aired in 1989 through to 1996 and was a syndicated hit across the globe. It also spawned many successful international versions namely in the UK, Australia, South Africa and Sweden. As well as having a live dinner show in Orlando, Florida, it was also briefly brought back to life for two seasons in 2008 by NBC and was presented by Hulk Hogan and Lalia Ali.

NBC's American Gladiators
NBC's American Gladiators

Arthur Smith says he isn't concerned that the NBC American Gladiators revival didn't last long. "Six years ago is eons ago, but what we're planning is a much bigger, different from the original, and much different from the NBC show."

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