• Time Limit: No Time Limit
  • Gladiators: 1
  • Contenders: 1
  • Weapons: None
  • Theme Tune: None


Gladiator and Contender have to pull themselves along a sloping, parallel tightropes, suspended 25 feet in the air, to a platform. Here they dislodge from the tightrope and fall to the platform to push a button which activates a zip-line. They then grab the zip-line and fly down the tightrope towards a target. The winner is the one who hits the target first. On impact, the winner activates a release mechanism on their opponents line, and the loser is send crashing to the safety net below.


Gladiator Hits Target: 0 Points
Contender Hits Target: 10 Points


Competitors must hit the button on the platform before using the zip-line.

Falling from the Tightrope results in forfeiting the event.

To win a successful hit on the final target is needed in order to dislodge opponent.

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