• Time Limit: None
  • Gladiators: 2
  • Contenders: 2
  • Weapons: None
  • Theme Tune: None


Pursuit is an obstacle race with both Contenders receiving a 3 second headstart on the pursuing Gladiators.

On the whistle the Contenders must race over a snake beam whilst making sure that they touch the yellow markers on each corner (failure to do so will be a 2 point penalty) and also keep their feet off the floor (failure to do so will result in a 1 point penalty). Next up is a hand ladder, yet again competitors must make sure that they touch the yellow first rung and last rung to not encounter another point penalty. After a sprint to the other side of the Arena Contenders must then tackle the wire bridge (again touching the yellow markers) , climb over a low wall, crawl under a web trap, climb over a high wall (with aid of a rope), run over the next web trap and then have a sprint to the finish line. During all of this a Gladiator is in hot pursuit hoping to tag the Contender and take them out of the game.


Contender Caught: 0 Points
Second Contender to finish: 5 Points
First Contender to finish: 10 Points


Contenders must touch each yellow marker throughout the Pursuit course. Failure to do so would result in a 2 point penalty from their end score.

If Contenders touch the floor on the snake beam or wire bridge this would result in a 1 point penalty.

Gladiators may only chase their assigned Contender.

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