• Time Limit: 60 seconds
  • Gladiators: 1
  • Contenders: 1
  • Weapons: None
  • Theme Tune: O Fortuna Remix


A huge Pendulum is covered with a cargo net and is suspended 40 feet above the arena floor. The Gladiator and Contender are situated on opposite sides of the five metre wide Pendulum. On the whistle the Pendulum is released and swings to and fro.

The Gladiator has the task of chasing and grabbing a flag which is situated on the Contender's back. The Contender has to evade the Gladiator and score points by pressing 4 evenly spaced buttons and if that wasn't enough they have to keep a firm grip on the Pendulum!.


Fall Off Pendulum: 0 Points
Side Buttons: 2 Points
Bottom Button: 4 Points


Both competitors must move on the whistle.

The Contenders may not block the Gladiators from grabbing the flag.

If a Contender falls from the Pendulum the event is stopped.

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