• Time Limit: 30 seconds
  • Gladiators: 1
  • Contenders: 1
  • Weapons: None
  • Theme Tune: None


Both Contender and Gladiator are suspended on a platform off the Arena floor. The platform moves multidirectionally at random. The game commences on the referee's whistle.

The objective for both the Contender and Gladiator is to remove the opponent from the platform. This may be done by pushing, pulling, throwing but not kicking, striking or any other form of contact above shoulder height. Wrestling submission holds of any description are strictly forbidden.


Contender Knocked Off: 0 Points
Remain on Platform: 5 Points
Knock Gladiator Off: 10 Points


Both the Contender and the Gladiator will have a starting position on the platform approximately 4ft apart.

Opponents may be removed from the Earthquake platform by pushing, pulling, throwing but strictly not any form of kicking, striking or wrestling.

If both opponents leave the platform simultaneously the person who hits the crash mats first will have lost.

Contenders may use tactics and avoid the forthcoming Gladiator or be on the offensive, however, if either opponent is deemed to be too defensive the match will be stopped and the offender will be warned (at the discretion of the referee).

Contenders and Gladiators may not hang on to any part of the construction in a final attempt to prevent themselves from being removed from the platform.

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