Danger Zone

Danger Zone

  • Time Limit: 60 seconds
  • Gladiators: 1
  • Contenders: 1
  • Weapons: Gladiator: Tennis Ball Launcher / Contender: Cross-Bow, Bazooka, Mortar, Rocket Launcher, Mortar
  • Theme Tune: Under Pressure (Queen)


The Gladiator stands on a raised platform at one end of the arena armed with a tennis ball launcher which fires balls at 10 mph at the Contender.

The Contender is at the other end of the arena and their objective is to hit a target above the Gladiators head using weapons at four evenly placed stations.

While under-fire from the Gladiator the Contender must fire each weapon within 10 seconds as the stations self-destruct every 10 seconds.

If the Contender has made it through to all the stations without being hit or hitting the Gladiators target, they can dive through a perspex cylinder to punch a target lower down.


Hit By Gladiator: 0 Points
Each Weapon Fired: 1 Point
Hit Lower Target: 5 Points
Hit Main Target: 10 Points


The Gladiators must score a direct hit on the Contender's body to rule them out of the game.

A ricochet from the floor, station or weapon will not count.

The event is stopped when either a Contender or Gladiators target has had a direct hit.

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